The safety of our educational community, both students and teachers, is a major priority at SEK-El Castillo. Which is why all our summer experiences follow strict safety and hygiene measures to ensure everyone’s health and well-being.

This summer, SEK-El Castillo in the northwest of Madrid, offers a wide range of experiences where children can enjoy activities such as painting, music, swimming, mindfulness, robotics, dance and theatre, circus activities, scientific experiments… and all this combined with special activities such as hiking, activities in the forest or barbecues.

The school is also committed to academic excellence and offers older students courses that will give them the opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and learn to tackle new challenges.
All courses are adapted to students’ ages and are taught by native English-speaking or bilingual SEK teachers.

Available Courses

Happy Summer |  Maker & Fun |  Maker & Sports |  Outdoor Adventure |  Summer Music School (Online) |  Analogue & Digital Arts |  Diploma’s Class |  Monografias DP / Extended Essay |  Spanish as an Additional Language & Curricular Language, SAL C |  Curriculum Spanish |  Ready4 (Secondary Campus / Bach – Diploma AB Initio) |  Active Extra Study 2ºBach & Evau Exam |  Sioux Camp

Happy Summer

For students born from 2019 to 2021 inclusive

A first contact with English in innovative and safe environments, specially designed to meet all their needs. Their curiosity will be stimulated through creative activities, that can be taken home when the course is over.

The objective is to enjoy and learn through play and sensory experiences, creative activities, music and by learning psychomotor skills with SEK professionals, specialists in Early Childhood Education using learning materials provided in the students’ Summer Boxes.

Maker & Fun

For students born from 2013 to 2018 inclusive

This camp combines sports, creative and technology activities, designed for students to develop 21st century skills. All activities are adapted for each age and studied to promote the child’s physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. The course pursue the SEK Group educational objectives and the International Baccalaureate ethos. Students will learn through natural and playful experimentation In innovative learning spaces using the learning materials that will be provided to each of the students included in their Summer Box.

Maker & Sports

For students born from 2006 to 2012 inclusive

Combining different options from STEAM disciplines (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) each student will be able to enjoy a summer pursuing their interests in a Bilingual environment. The groups will be formed taking into account the age and preferences of each student.

The objective is to promote learning by doing and 21st century skills such, problem solving, teamwork, leadership and creativity through design thinking.

Outdoor Adventure

For students born from 2011 to 2015 inclusive

Students will further their self-knowledge, emotional control, motivation, empathy or social relationships in a playful and practical framework, in which they will learn to function as well as become aware of the importance of respecting their natural environment, while benefiting from the practice of physical exercise.

The objective is to combine the practice of physical exercise and expand knowledge of the natural environment while developing values and skills necessary for personal growth.

Summer Music School (Online)

For students born from 2005 to 2010 inclusive

This camp is designed for students to continue practicing music skills and to prepare for external music exams. Work will be carried out as groups and individually with musical activities so that the student can improve their technique and continue with their instrumental learning.

Analogue & Digital Arts

For students born from 2004 to 2009 inclusive

This summer course is specially designed for those students with artistic concerns who need to improve their technique and want to expand their curriculum of Analogue and Digital arts, including visual and musical and scenic arts.

Diplomas Class

For students born from 2005 to 2006 inclusive

Course designed for students who have completed their first year of the IB Diploma Programme and want to reinforce, consolidate and improve their skills and knowledge. The objective is to deepen the understanding of complex concepts, as well as to advance in the development of some of the evaluation components.

Monografias DP / Extended Essay

For students born from 2005 to 2006 inclusive

Course designed for students who have completed their first year of the Diploma Programme and want to advance some assessment such as the extended essays. ing a plan.

Due to its schedule and curriculum, this program can be completed with the Diploma’s Class.

Spanish as an Additional & Curricular Language, SAL-C

For students born from 2010 to 2011 inclusive

Camp aimed at students with an interest in learning Spanish in a fun and enjoyable way following quality online learning. Its added value and what makes it a fundamental support and consolidation tool is its special programming with two daily immersion periods and designed to coordinate with years 5 and 6 academic programmes and adapted to the special learning circumstances of foreign students.

Students will work on Spanish expression and comprehension skills, integrating the study of the language in a Spanish-speaking cultural environment, practising in real communication experiences.

Curriculum Spanish

Students born from 2005 to 2009 inclusive

Course aimed at secondary and pre-university international students who have a strong grasp of the Spanish language but who have not been schooled in it and who need for inclusion in the Spanish curriculum, a command of academic terminology.

Ready4... (Secondary campus / BACH - Diploma AB Initio)

For students born from 2005 to 2009 inclusive

This course offers three options:
– RE@DY FOR 22-23: Course recommended for students who need to prepare subjects for the following academic year as well as to improve their collaborative work, including study, concentration and relaxation techniques.
– CAMBRIDGE CERTIFICATE PREPARATION option: recommended for candidates for the coming round of Cambridge English language exams and who believe that, in the summer, there is an opportunity to “grow” in a fun and entertaining way.
– ON TRACK option, for students who see in the summer period an opportunity to improve their language skills, to then be eligible to opt for the fully English school curriculum
All options offer students recreational sports activities and outings as it is not simply a remedial course but one to foster motivation and positive reinforcement.

Active Extra Study 2ºBACH & EVAU Exam

For students from 17 to 18 years old inclusive

Extra tuition and academic support for the preparation for resitting exams for the second year of Baccalaureate and the EvAU university entrance exams.

Sioux Camp

For students born from 2007 to 2012 inclusive

SIOUX CAMP fosters personal and social development through sports, working on the sense of friendship and camaraderie, developing respect, tolerance, plurality, autonomy, solidarity and responsibility in a framework of activities that promote creativity, respect for nature and coexistence.

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