Canford SBC 1

Summer school is back!

At SBC we are over the moon to be back doing what we do best.

A summer school can very much feel like its own mystical world with its own time zone, and often, as our legendary principal Thom Jones would say, ‘a bit like Narnia’.

So to finally be back and to reopen the wardrobe door of Summer School is a very exciting prospect for all.

Behind the scenes we didn’t stop working throughout the pandemic and are now very much eager to defend our crown as being the best multi-campus summer boarding school.

This summer we are delighted to welcome new students, the familiar faces of our returners, as well as the many young people who we were only able to teach online throughout lockdown.

For keeping your faith and trust in us we are more driven than ever before to deliver our best summer program yet.

SBC 2.0

Few things can match the fun and vibrance of a summer school; culturally diverse classrooms, outstanding teachers, and a fun action-packed activities program. Together, this combo is proven lightning in a bottle. But how can this magical formula evolve to further match the dreams and ambitions of our modern-day learners?

Find out how we have made your summer programs more inspiring and academic than they have ever been before.

Oxbridge simulation

To achieve this, we have made many of our college programs as close a simulation of the scholastic Oxbridge experience as possible.

Many of our academic programs are more intensive as we’ve added more electives, more academic excursions, and have taken on a much more personalised, more intimate style of tutoring as you would expect at the very best academic institutions.

In contrast to previous years, we have more vocational subjects on offer at prestigious new locations such as Rochester and Earlscliffe, making SBC the perfect place to start building the foundations for exciting future careers. Having experienced a level of elite education which will guide you on your way to the real thing.

Exciting additions

At SBC, we know you will make wonderful new friends and cherished memories, as have previous students year after year, but what we want our courses to achieve is the start of an extraordinary life for you through education.

So without further ado, here are some of the new exciting additions to our SBC summer programs that we cannot wait to share with you.

From North to South, here is a whistle stop tour of what is new at our SBC campuses this summer.


A view of Cambridge College across the river

In the city with the fourth oldest university in the world, amongst the flat soothing landscapes of The Fens, if you’re studying in Cambridge, you’re going to have a truly remarkable time.

At Cambridge this summer we are running courses in Business, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering. Students will have classes at the prestigious Sancton Wood School, which is ranked 7th in The Sunday Times for GCSE Results and part of the Dukes Education’s family of schools.

Throughout the rest of the year Sancton Wood School is a mixed independent day school and has long been a proud part of Cambridge’s community and was founded as an independent primary school in 1976 and opened a senior school department in 1979. The school is located a few streets down from Parker’s Piece, which is one of the most celebrated green spaces in the city, legend even has it that Parker’s Piece is reputed to be the birthplace of the rules of football!

Oxford College

A guide to studying at Oxford 2

University College

In Oxford we are closer to delivering a richer, more authentic slice of Oxbridge life than ever before by moving to University College!

Proudly known as Univ, University College is centrally located in Oxford on the High Street between the Magdalen Bridge and Carfax Tower. It neighbours many of Oxford’s best-known shops and cafes and is a three minute walk from Oxford’s iconic landmark Radcliffe Camera as well as the very lamppost that inspired C.S. Lewis in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe where Lucy first met Mr Tumnus.

At Oxford College this summer, besides the end of St. Hugh’s it’s much a case of as you were, with students being able to study Business, Mathematics, Medicine, Law, International Relations, and Politics & Economics.



Headington Summer School view from the front of the building and the grounds

Future Doctors

Our longest running school will this year become an even safer place to be, namely because we have our new Future Doctors course starting; where aspiring doctors, dentists, sports scientists and other healthcare specialists will be securing the technical foundations in which to build their respective medical careers for years to come.

As part of the Future Doctor programme, all students will complete a full first-aid training course, so no diving on the football pitches Headingtonians! As you will be swarmed by eager future medical professionals looking to practice their craft!


Three students stood outside of Rochester College all talking

As part of our collection of existing locations for this year we are very proud to include Rochester.

As one of our Dukes schools, in collaboration with RIC, here SBC are delivering a diverse range of academic, vocational and preparatory A Level and University courses, including: Mathematics, Route Map English, Business & Marketing, and Art & Design.

Which in short means that at Rochester there is something for nearly everybody.

Beyond the Victorian terrace walls of this charismatic college lies a tranquil garden square where you will find a garden shed where students gather round and talk maths, and not to mention the Lower School RIC building where, amazingly, David Bowie once played in 1964.

Set in the heart of the very birthplace of Charles Dickens, and a short train ride from the centre of London, we are delighted to be working at such a unique and charismatic college in 2022.


SBC at Eton College grounds and view of the school

No introductions necessary for the world’s most famous private Boys School (go show them what they’re missing girls!), at Eton this summer we are excited to be extending our courses from two weeks to four!


All students will be given access to a cutting-edge online learning platform, EtonX, and will be able to choose one of the self-study ‘Future Skills Programmes’. This is a series of short online courses focused on better communication, leadership, and university preparation which develop soft skills, practical skills and an entrepreneurial mindset to help students succeed in life.


SBC Canford grounds and building in a scenic shot with flowers surrounding it

For this year at Canford we have introduced two new courses: Future Business Leaders and STEM Explorers for the ages 12 – 15.

Future Business Leaders

Down by the seaside young entrepreneurial minds will be gaining a comprehensive insight into the key concepts of international business. The course has been developed specifically for SBC Canford International and classes are multinational, providing plenty of opportunities for students to develop their English language skills.

STEM Explorers

As well as brushing up their scientific English our STEM Explorers will be solving real-world scientific and technological challenges, such as in the fields of robotics, engineering, and technological design.

Industry Experience

In previous summers at SBC academic excursions have always played an exciting role in inspiring our learners. Traditionally they were day visits to areas of significance and interest to chosen academic fields, which often included guided tours and museums.

For this summer, we have focused on the evolution of the academic excursion so that it involves even more relevant and interactive industry experience for you.

Listed below you will find exciting examples of interactive workshops and active research projects led by leading professionals across several of our academic programs at Oxford and Cambridge College.


Maths in Engineering – University Labs

For our Maths students we shall be visiting the engineering labs  with an Oxford professor to be shown the real-life application of maths and how it is used in various engineering projects and technology, such as new force sensing technologies (our spinout), underground construction, offshore wind turbines, machine learning and AI, software programming.

History Of Science Museum – Workshop

During this fascinating workshop our mathematicians will explore ideas about the Universe from Ptolemy to Copernicus with a demonstration of an armillary sphere. They are then introduced to the astrolabe and how it was used for making astronomical observations and calculations. As well as the scientific and mathematical knowledge encompassed by these instruments, students will also have an opportunity to gain insight into the ingenuity and craftsmanship that went into making them, as well as an appreciation of their significance in early Islamic cultures.

Engineering, Oxford

Active Research in University Labs

Alongside an Oxford University professor, our engineers will conduct practical engineering case work to align with the course’s problem-based learning. Using a unique smartphone app students will measure the vibrations of a city centre bridge as they walk over it. From this project our engineers  should be able to determine the natural frequency of the bridge and use the data to inform their project work and design their own working bridge.

Engineering, Cambridge

Centre For Computing History, Sticks and Stones Workshop

How can we use a computer program to model a real world situation? In this workshop you will use BBC BASIC to code and display the path of a projectile (both a stone and a stick) using Newton’s equations of motion. Once coded you can play ‘what if’ games with factors like gravity, to see the effect on the projectile’s path.

International Relations and Politics & Economics

European Union Workshops

For our International Relations, Politics and Economics students, you shall be immersing yourselves in a workshop led by Involver, a social enterprise that helps young people to have a say in the places they go and the services they use. Involver have been working with the EU Parliament and Commission since 2014 to help educate young people and give them a democratic voice.

The workshop includes two 45-minute workshops:

1) EU Understanding, history and decision-making

2) EU Values and Debate

Politics & Economics

European Commission Workshop – Virtual

This programme will consist of a 60-minutes long presentation on “The role of the European Commission as the executive of the E.U” (including a Q/A session) in English with experts from the European Commission itself!


Law Courts, Oxford

In Oxford our law students will be making their way to the Law Courts where they will be sitting in on a live trial. After the trial staff will have to brief and debrief students in the old Court Room which has been booked for our exclusive use!

Business, Oxford

Webmart – Sustainable Marketing Company

For our business course you will be going on a tour of the extraordinary “preposterously yellow” offices, including an aeroplane meeting room visit and a talk from either the CEO or MD. Webmart places a strong emphasis on environmental sustainability and have developed their own business philosophy “Marxist Capitalism”, which you will be learning all about during your visit as part of your industry experience.

Museum Of Brands Workshop – Virtual

Here you will discover how gender has been used in advertising throughout history and how it is still used today in our interactive digital workshop. The workshops last approx. 1 hour and involve a range of activities, including analysing historic advertisements and redesigning products for contemporary audiences. The workshops take place over zoom.

Natural Sciences

Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology 

Anthropology, Archaeology and Identity Workshop (90 minutes)

This discussion-based session examines the relationship between museums and people, as well as current issues with collection, curation and repatriation. Students will learn how the collections come to the Museum and how we navigate the ethics of display and access. A museum teacher leads the first 45 minutes of the session. Students will then independently investigate the galleries and conduct their own object research.

Medicine and Natural Sciences, Cambridge

The Centre of the Cell

The Centre of the Cell is the first science educational centre in the world to be located within working biomedical research laboratories.

1) Workshop – Careers in Health and Science

This workshop will encourage students to think about the huge range of careers in science and health, what they involve, how to match their skills and interests with their choice of subjects and careers, and provide advice and information about how our students can build a CV or university application.

2) Show – Ingenious Genes

Here you will uncover the wonderful world of genes in our Ingenious Genes show! You’ll discover how our 20,000 genes make proteins, find out how human genes differ in a taste bud test, and will get to grips with meiosis,  and will search for some human knockouts and find out all about cutting edge genetics research.


Oxford and Cambridge

Appointed Persons Emergency First Aid Training

At Oxford and Cambridge our medical students will be taking part in a 4-hour session covering First Aid Priorities, Managing Incidents, Basic Life Support, Examination of a Casualty, Unconsciousness, Control of Bleeding, Burns and Scalds, Regulations, First Aid Kits, Recording and Reporting.

Medicine, Oxford

History of Science Museum – Workshop

After an introduction to the story of penicillin, students will be guided through a series of activities designed to draw out various themes and controversies, which help to build an understanding of the social and historical factors involved in scientific developments. These activities include an exercise in sequencing and deconstructing historical images, and a summary of key ideas.


We hope you are as excited by this summer’s new exciting inclusions as we are in delivering them. To continue to follow all of our students’ amazing adventures and achievements with us this summer, make sure you follow us on our social media platforms and use the hastag #SBC22.