As we fast approach the twilight of summer, it would be easy to assume that the shining lights of summer fun started to fade down. Not a chance! As seven campuses became five, and Oxford, Twyford, and Canford entered their final weeks; we saw even more displays of academic progress, exhilarating excursions, and awesome activities. Week Six really proved that SBC keeps rocking till the very end.

Let’s see how our wonderful schools and colleges continued to keep their flags flying high and end with a flourish.

At Oxford College Wednesday evening was a spectacle to behold as our colleges came together for the much-anticipated Trashion Show! Armed with old clothes, students teamed up to craft runway-worthy ensembles. Some took on the mantle of presenters, keeping the audience entertained with their wit and charm. As the participants strutted down the runway, they not only showcased their creativity but also their confidence, earning applause and laughter from their peers. The competition was fierce, with mystery boxes and G & D’s Ice Cream vouchers awaiting the winners.

On the following day, the focus and determination saw no signs of stopping. With the ‘Time to Shine’ presentations on the horizon, students immersed themselves in their lessons, fine-tuning their projects and honing their presentation skills. After a day of intense preparation, the evening’s Wellbeing session provided a much-needed respite. Students had a plethora of activities to choose from – the strategic world of Dungeons and Dragons, the therapeutic Arts and Crafts, a spirited game of Football in the University Parks, and the ever-popular Karaoke. It was evident that we have some budding vocal talents in our midst, as the Karaoke session was a hit!

With its latest recruits fully immersed into life at Cambridge College from the very start, it’s been buzzing with excitement in class. In the world of psychology, we had the pleasure of hosting the charming and insightful Omer as a guest speaker. She delved into the captivating realm of forensic psychology, opening up a world of mystery and intrigue. The students were all ears, their curiosity piqued as they explored the human mind’s enigmatic corners.

Speaking of enigmatic, have you ever witnessed cornstarch and water dance? Well…our budding engineers had a mesmerizing time playing with Oobleck. Yes, you read that right—Oobleck, the gooey, slimy, and utterly fascinating concoction that defies the laws of physics. Laughter filled the air as they squished, squeezed, and marvelled at this delightful concoction, proving that science can be a whole lot of squishy fun!

Meanwhile, the sun shone brightly over Headington School, providing the perfect backdrop for days filled with outdoor sports and activities. The stunning grounds of the school became a canvas for our art students, who were inspired to produce some truly wonderful drawings.

Also at Headington, our Future Doctors students delved deep into the intricacies of the human body. Guided by their tutor, they embarked on dissections, gaining a deeper understanding of the heart’s function. Such hands-on experiences are invaluable in their journey to becoming medical professionals.

Not all work and no play, after lessons and fascinating workshops and guest lectures the atmosphere buzzed with excitement for the much-anticipated Talent Show. The evening showcased a whole range of impressive talents amongst our students. From soulful singing and energetic dancing to a mesmerising magic show, the stage was alive with passion and skill. The highlight of the evening was a captivating piano performance, which not only won the talent show but also left the audience in awe of the beautiful music.

Down in Canford however, a flurry of activities awaited our students. The vast lawns transformed into arenas of fun-filled lawn games, where laughter and friendly competition were the order of the day. Parallelly, the Flag Painting Classes saw students channelling their inner artists, crafting flags that resonated with their personal stories and aspirations.

As evening approached the bone-dry campus green soon became an enormous puddle. Armed with water balloons and shielded by DIY cardboard forts, students engaged in a spirited water fight. The event was not just about splashes and giggles; it showcased their ability to strategize and collaborate, all while having a ton of soaking-wet fun.

Worth a mention down in Canford was definitely ‘Animal Game Day’, a delightful mix of games inspired by the animal kingdom. From the frantic energy of ‘Hungry Hungry Hippos to the strategic moves in ‘Floor is Lava’, the day was a whirlwind of activity and excitement.

In Twyford despite the unexpected rain showers at the start of the week, the kids had an absolute blast! Rain or shine, these young adventurers proved that nothing could dampen their spirits! LEGOLAND, with its colourful ambience and fantastic rides, proves to be the perfect destination for our young explorers. It was amazing to witness their boundless enthusiasm and joyful spirits as they tackled the rides and attractions with sheer excitement.

The kids were especially thrilled with the pirate ship and the different rides that had them giggling with delight. Witnessing the children construct their masterpieces with LEGO bricks made for wonderful photos for the blog. It was heartwarming to see how much these experiences continue to contribute to the student’s personal growth and development.

Despite the children feeling a bit tired from the trip to Lego Land, they managed to muster up their energy and enthusiasm for an adventure to the zoo. Thankfully, the rain from yesterday cleared up, and we were blessed with a bright and sunny day. The kids absolutely loved every aspect of the zoo experience. From the majestic giraffes to the awe-inspiring tigers, they were captivated by all the different animals. Their faces lit up as they watched the penguins jump around, which was undoubtedly a highlight of the day. After, a day filled with fascinating animal encounters, the children were thrilled to visit the zoo shop. They had a great time exploring the variety of souvenirs available and making some delightful purchases to remember this memorable outing.

So, there we have it, what an astonishing week six! And an incredible end for several of our unbelievable campuses. Honestly, we brim with pride and huge personal satisfaction with every group hug that we see, every kind of sentence written on your leavers’ shirts, and each glowing word on all your reports. So much about what we do makes it all seem so incredibly worthwhile, and we thank all the families and parents involved in giving us the chance to know such wonderful young people.

We cannot wait to report even more Time to Shine action, and excursion and activity fun at Cambridge and Headington, as both of these sensational schools start to cross their finish lines.